Kiss the chef


Food Services



Rates starting at $12/person (rates subject to change)

Our daily menu will have you wanting to lick ya screen or whateva!

Event Catering

An intimate event or a corporate business meeting, our catering menu will have you wanting to Kiss the Chefs! Not only does our catering services come with tantalizing main courses, but also with finger licking desserts.

**5 person minimum


Weekly Meal Planning

Rates based on family size

Are you a family on-the-go who wants to eat good but is pressed for time? Or maybe you don’t want to cook, but want to eat good! Regardless of your needs, we can do it! Let us know what you want and we will make it happen. The chefs can create customized and specialized meal plans or put a twist on your favorites.

Meal plans can range from 1 to 3 meals per day.

**Dietary restrictions may vary prices


Kiss the Chef catered our monthly book club meeting and let’s just say I received many kudos on how AMAZING the food was! What stood out to me the most were the many one-of-a-kind dessert options we had to choose from. It was a pleasant surprise to have a catering company that had as many dessert options as entrees. That Oreo red velvet doughnut….TO DIE FOR!

We also had the pleasure of meeting the CHEFS! They are beautiful, friendly and energetic! It was evident that they love what they do!

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